Why Holding A Common Trial For ECA Quota In Delhi University Does Not Make Sense

Posted on July 2, 2016 in Campus Watch

By Tanya Kapoor:

Delhi University is one of the premier institutions of higher education in our country. Every year thousands of students from all over India aspire to study in DU which makes the fight to get into the university quite fierce. The best thing about studying in DU is that students not only get ample opportunities to excel in academics but also to shine in extracurricular activities (ECA). Cultural societies of DU play a crucial role in this respect. They provide students with a free space to express themselves and engage in intellectual discourse. That is why it is very important that ECA trials of DU are fair and unbiased because it has a direct impact on the efficiency and proper functioning of the society.

A cause of concern here is that the ECA trials have been centralised. The University has not released suitable guidelines as to what basis and criteria they are going to use for judgment of each activity and further, who will be judging the trials for each activity.

I would like to share my thoughts regarding this new change. I believe that it would not be fair to the incoming freshers relying on ECA quota for admission since they will be vaguely assessed. Further, there is fear of instances where students can be filtered out from trials on the basis of certificates and/or past performance which most colleges do not agree to.

Furthermore, the issue can lead to candidates being given admissions in colleges as part of societies wherein the requirement may be something else. For example, in the various music societies, a certain requirement of a type of skill in music is what they require. If in case, a certain college needs a drummer, they may not be able to select one since it is not in their hands.

The University as of now is not willing to budge or make an effort to at least involve students who are actually the ones participating in activities on the ground throughout the year.

Every society functions in a unique manner and works on different dynamics. It is impossible to cater to every society’s need by having centralised trials.

For the freshers coming through ECA, no matter how you are selected or what the process may be like, please do not be discouraged. If you are interested in the activity, take part in it. I assure you the cultural societies of DU colleges like for music, photography, fine arts, debating, drama, dance and various others are some of the best ones and they are a different and an amazing experience and definitely a very important part of your college life. I am a part of the debating society at Kirori Mal College and the experience has been incredible.

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