In Photos: Gurgaon’s Pride March Shows Just How Beautiful Solidarity Can Be

Posted on July 5, 2016 in LGBTQ, PhotoNama

By Roshan Kokane:

On June 12, 2016, a nightclub in Orlando, Florida witnessed one of the deadliest attacks on LGBTQ people in U.S. history. A single gunman killed 49 people at Pulse club and injured 53 others. Millions of supporters came together in different cities of the world to honour those who lost their lives.

Gurgaon (NCR) also hosted its first queer pride march to show its solidarity with the victims. Besides mourning for those killed, the pride march also included an agenda celebrating LGBTQ pride month. LGBTQ folks around the world are under constant threat of violence, abuse and ostracism. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code considers homosexuality as unnatural or against the order of nature.

Around 300 people from all age groups, social classes and sexual orientations came together at the pride march. They strongly raised their thoughts and opinions to repeal laws that discriminate based on gender and sexual identities. Some families were also present with posters, masks and queer flags to support their children and give them courage to be out, open and free to love.

What kind of phobia is homophobia? How can we be scared of people just as normal as everyone?

Young man holds a placard; Homophobia is not a phobia, you're not scared, you're an illiterate jerk.

Preparing the stage to honour the freedom of LGBTQ people in India and raise our voice against Section 377.

LGBTQ people preparing for the march

Love happens to break every barrier of discrimination. 

A young man holding a placard,"No Going Back" at the pride march

The pride march was attended by everyone. Straight people also came together with posters to support LGBTQ folks. 

A young couple shows their support through this placard,"Wish we were homosexuals just to piss off the homophobes"

The march saw people with colours, posters, messages and slogans. There were performances and creative expressions by many individuals.

People gathered at the march to fight for equality

Open mic performance on why LGBTQ rights are human rights.

A young girl at the proud march

The pride march put forward the agenda of sexual minorities’ freedom in the country.

A young man drapes a rainbow saree to repeal section 377

Posters and messages to support the queer community.

People with placards at the pride march

Candlelight vigil for Orlando shooting victims.

A young girl at the candlelight vigil march

“We will never keep quiet after any attack. We will fight back and reclaim our space and dignity.”

People honouring the victims of Orlando shooting at the pride march

Showing solidarity to LGBTQ community around the world. Stay strong!

People lighting candles at the pride march

Banner image source : Hindustan Times/Getty

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