In Photos: Rain Brings ‘Millennium City’ Gurgaon To A Standstill, Thousands Stranded

Posted on July 29, 2016

By YKA Staff:

Thousands have been stranded in heavy rainfall in Gurgaon and massive traffic jams have brought the ‘Millennium City’ to a complete halt. The police have issued a notice alerting citizens from Delhi to not travel to Gurgaon, and some offices have declared an off. BJP and Congress are busy passing the blame on to each other – the BJP is pointing fingers at the previous government for poor planning while the Congress is saying they had warned the M. L. Khattar government since the very beginning. The CM has now called for an emergency meeting to address the situation.

Meanwhile, commuters are suffering – some even sleeping on top of cars, stranded for over 17 hours!

Twitter users have shared many photos of the rains and the city coming to a standstill – some are poking fun at the situation, and some are truly worried. Either ways, if one day of heavy rains can cause such a situation, imagine how much more planning and maintenance our cities need!

Spot the road.

Even the Indus Valley was better planned!

Welcome to Venice (but no boats)

Some more photos!

For the brave ones who went to work, and actually reached.

What a Smart City looks like.

Haha, but who’ll save the rest?!

Time to bring out the floaties?

Priorities, people!

Let’s enjoy the rain! – Said no one in Gurgaon last night

Could actually be shark tank

How some people are still doing their job!

James Bond has the solution.

If one day of rain can bring a ‘Smart City’ to a complete standstill, it clearly shows bad planning and maintenance. Tweet to Haryana CM M.L. Khattar and urge him to fix the situation!

Why is #Gurugram so poorly planned? Haryana CM @mlkhattar, fix the situation! #DoYourJob

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