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Why A Journalism Internship During Engineering Felt Like A Second Chance In Life

Posted on July 5, 2016 in My Story

By Akshata Bhamidimukkula:

It’s that dreaded season of admissions and exam results which reminded me of my journey through this madness three years back. After going through rigorous coaching for IIT and losing my sanity and self-confidence, I still didn’t make it to the top cut. Somehow I managed to secure an admission for B. Tech. in I.T. in one of the country’s prestigious colleges.

Slowly, as the semester kept progressing, I realised that this is not where I belong, that this is not what I am cut out for and that I wanted to pursue a career in writing and journalism. But dropping out was not an option for me, I had to finish what I had started and what a toll it started taking on me.

I lost every ounce of my confidence, my happiness, my positivity, my zeal and enthusiasm. I had retreated into a shell and even stopped taking part in activities I was interested and talented in. I became this depressed dumb girl from the happy-go-lucky intelligent student I was. I had become reckless and life seemed unpleasant. But then, when I had hit rock bottom, a beautiful opportunity presented itself.

With the help of a senior, I took the chance of applying for a month-long internship at an esteemed national newspaper as a small step for positive reinforcement in my life. I had no hopes of getting it but as luck would have it they responded with a yes! And what an experience it’s been.

I had to live in a PG accommodation, make arrangements for food myself, travel alone in public transport, quite opposite to the luxurious and sheltered life I had prior to this. I made so many new friends who had no idea about what a failure I was back in college. All they could see was an enthusiastic girl all set to explore new opportunities. I got so many interesting assignments which I completed with finesse and perfection. I learnt so much, I explored so much and the amount of appreciation and compliments I got made me realise that I still have it within me. I was perceived as a responsible, smart, confident and talented girl by everyone around.

I still have a year of college left, but I know when I go back I won’t be bitter towards life and the course anymore. I am ready to face the challenge head on because I know the greater avenues I can explore once am out of college. I can’t be thankful enough to God for this opportunity and my parents for supporting it, the opportunity that has finally brought back the old me!

Featured image for representation only. Credit: Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images.

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