#NewsInTweets: 20-Year-Old Killed In Dhaka Attack For Refusing To Abandon His Friends

Posted on July 4, 2016 in News

By YKA Staff:

What’s the latest around the world today? Curated for you from the interwebz, here’s a quick morning fix to keep you updated. In 140 characters at that! Presenting, #NewsInTweets:

1. 20-year-old killed in Bangladesh terror attack for refusing to leave his friends behind. The gunmen had allowed Faraz Hossain to leave but not the two girls he was with.

2. PM Modi to reshuffle his Cabinet of Ministers tomorrow. New faces are likely to be part of it.

3. A DTC bus ran into a motorcycle, killing a 10-year-old and injuring her father.

4. 2 security officers were hurt in a suicide bombing at the US Consulate in Saudi Arabia. July 4 is celebrated by Americans as the day of their independence.

5. Dismembered human body parts found on the sea shore in Fiji. It is speculated that this might be linked to the disappearance of a Russian couple a week ago.

6. According to a new study, cannabis could help Alzheimer’s patients.

7. 11 wagons of a freight train were derailed in Dahanu, Maharashtra.

Featured image courtesy @TamalDas8.
Banner image credit: Mahmud Hossain Opu/Getty Images.