In This Tragic Video, Varanasi Widows Share How Society Has Wronged Them For Decades

Posted on July 22, 2016 in Society, Video

By 101India:

Some sections of the Indian society consider widows to be inauspicious. When a woman becomes a widow, many families just abandon them at old age homes or shelters, sometimes on the pretext of sightseeing in Varanasi. Most of the women living in this home-for-widows were married off at very young ages, some as young as 11.

Widow remarriage is still frowned upon in many parts of the country, as it is against the ‘conventions’ laid down by the patriarchal society that we live in. Following the traditions with which they were brought up with, none of these women chose to remarry.

NGOs such as Sulabh International are doing their best to help these widows, and provide them with homes where they can live comfortably for as long as they want to. These women often have a negative outlook in life because of how they’ve been wronged by both, their families and the society. All they want to do now is to spend the rest of their lives in the company of the friends they have found in other widows.

The video takes you on an emotional journey, wherein several of these widows talk about how difficult their lives have been so far. Their journeys are glaring examples of the injustices the women in our society have always had to face.

Banner image source: Ramesh SA/Flickr