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Places In Mumbai That Offer Some Great Street Food In True ‘Mumbaiya’ Style

Posted on August 18, 2016 in Culture-Vulture

By Chetan Jadhav:

There are more than enough reasons for India to be one of the favourite destinations for travellers across the globe and one of them is Indian food. It is spicy, comforting, healthy, and super delicious. Indian food is one of the few cuisines in the world that has an immaculate variety and uses a lot of medicinal herbs as a part of daily cooking.

Indian regional cuisines are famous all over the world for their splendid taste. The climate conditions, change in soil and the cooking culture gives the cuisine a distinctive edge. From the fragrant curries to the grilled starters, the cooking method in India is very different from other countries, offering a superb reflection of the age-old traditions and ancient culture.

Considered by the world as both exciting and intimidating, Indian flavours comprise of some of the most exotic ingredients and tongue-tingling essence. The Indian cuisine is in itself a complete world of taste and unacquainted savours that can surprise anyone.

Indian culinary art is one of the few in the world that uses the complete palette of all the flavours, including sour, spice, sweet and savoury. Every single dish can be made differently even after using predominantly the same spices. This is because every spice has its own reason to be a part of a dish and the distinct taste can be altered just by changing the quantities. From the spicy Pav bhaji of the West to the balanced Dosa of the South, the variety of dishes and the possibilities of creating new ones can be endless.

Indians appreciate the variety of their cookery and that is why every state serves all varieties of Indian cuisine, especially the metro cities where the crowd is primarily cosmopolitan. Among these cities, Mumbai stands apart when it comes to taste. The city not only serves all the varieties from different states but also gives them its own exclusive twist.

If you can’t travel the entire country to try Indian food, you might simply want to visit Mumbai and taste the best of Indian cuisine in true ‘Amchi Mumbai style.

Here’s an exclusive list by Iamonholidays, with some of the cherry-picked true Indian flavours, loved by one and all, from across the lengths and breadths of India, served in some of Mumbai’s most famous places.

P.S. – It’s OK to drool… I know how delicious they look.

Enjoy the delicious journey.