Review: A Hilarious Web Series That’s Uncomplicating Sex-Myths For Kids, Like A Boss!

Posted on August 11, 2016 in Culture-Vulture

By Nidhi Nagpal:

Sitting on a couch, the whole family enjoying their daily dose of TV shows when suddenly a condom ad pops up on the screen, causing a sense of discomfort and distress like never before. Or if unexpectedly family encounters a kissing or lovemaking scene on TV, dad will frantically search for the remote to change it to any ‘xyz’ channel. If you have faced this embarrassing scenario ever, well then you are surely an Indian kid painted in the hues of conservatism.

We all have gone through it, but Y-Films, the youth wing of Yash Raj Films, has made an attempt to probably relieve our younger generation of this awkwardness. Y- Films’ new web series “Sex Chat With Pappu And Papa” aired on YouTube, and it is a bold move in debunking the myths surrounding sex and enriching the father-son relation via healthy discussion on sex and related themes like condom, masturbation and periods.

The story revolves around a young, curious son, Pappu (Kabir Sajid) who is keen on knowing about terms associated with sex, as he hears them in the society. The protagonist, his warm dad (Anand Tiwari) is always by his side to demystify all the bubbles of confusion floating in his mind.

The show managed to strike a chord with me because it is one of a kind in India. Already, the kind of sex education provided in schools, if any, stands at an abysmally low level. The show depicts that sex education which stands on a very delicate plank in our country could be dealt in a fun way. Mark my words, a really fun way. It won’t bore you with jargons or speeches of complicated procedures associated with sex.

The anecdotes narrated by the father to assuage the little one’s curiosity are just hilarious. For instance, while explaining to his child, how a woman gets pregnant, he compares the penis to a USB Chord and vagina to a USB Port. He refers to the process of inserting USB Chord into USB Port as sex which ultimately leads to sperm transfer comparing it with the file transfer. The analogies that he draws to make his child comprehend the ‘just adult things’ definitely makes me applaud the smart imagination and writing.

Another hit is the oodles of subtle sarcasm thrown in by the grandfather (Sachin Piglonkar). When Pappu wanted to know about pregnancy, the grandfather insisted on telling him that kids are god’s gift and are granted to only those who get married. Many such logically devoid explanations narrated by him are a grim reminder of the sorry status of our society.

With a show as cute yet intriguing as this, some flaws are bound to happen. Rather than a 7-8-year-old kid, a teenager would have essayed the role better. The sex-related curiosity starts creeping in one’s mind when one attains puberty.

Nevertheless, this show is a humorous and neat take on how essential and easy it is to bridge the generation gap between the child and parents. With an unlimited exposure of the innocent souls to unfiltered sex-related information, ensuring them accurate information from the right source has become the need of the hour. Don’t mind talking to your elders about it.#ApnePapaSePoocho

To have a glimpse of the show, watch the trailer: