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‘Gone Are The Days When Every Engineer From The IITs Would Get A Brilliant Job’

Posted on August 30, 2016 in Education

By Meenal Kaushik:

Once there was a boy who went to a reputed college in his city. He scored brilliant scores and his family had a lot of expectations from the only boy of the family. He too was very confident that he will get placed in a well-known company with a handsome package. On his placement day, he was nervous with sweaty hands and a frowning face. He waited for the call that would decide the journey he would adorn from that day onwards. But that call never came.

Gone are the days now when every engineer who graduated from IITs, NITs and BITS would get a brilliant job with no worries and apprehension. There were days when a kid who entered any college was sure about his future jobs and placements. All we see now are sulking faces who have self-doubt written all over it. After studying so much and giving it every ounce of your patience and hard work, a no-job scenario can take all your hopes and shove it in a stinking drain.

We live in a country where potential is calculated by the marks one scores and the number of degrees one possesses in their entire lifetime. No regards are given to the journey that goes behind all this. The back story is never seen in such scenarios because nothing is bigger than the 90% that their kids score and they are ready to give up everything for those senseless marks.

I have seen children questioning God about their destiny and talking about ending their life because nothing good can happen after none of those companies thought they were good enough to get placed. But what they forget in this process is that how many people actually got placed. The ratio of the placed is dramatically low when compared to those who weren’t. What if you are supposed to be a billionaire in the future? Now would you want to give up such a luxurious life over petty jobs like these?

The best of people in our world, people who are disturbingly famous, were either thrown out of their own company or did not get placed. Who wants to run in the race that has already been covered by a million other students like yourself when you can dine in silver like a king? With every rejection, you face there are many doors waiting for you to rise above these shackles that have been holding your thoughts down and break them in the process. In fact, this generation, where there is a recession in almost every industry now, is considered the luckiest because we are getting chances to explore areas that were never considered before and that too by default.

Every field holds a pond full of opportunities waiting to be held with love and passion. Would you want to be a regular engineer or a doctor or a manager when you have the potential to be a rather extraordinary artist, writer, research-scientist, event manager and what not? Even if your heart lies in the field you chose earlier just keep one very clichéd but effective phrase in mind that has changed lives and mindsets over years.

It says “Why run with the rest when you can make yourself the best.”