I Got At Christ University What No Other University Would Give

Posted on August 31, 2016 in Campus Watch

By Chitresh Shrivastva:

Website - Thumbnail_christ_universityIt’s been 4 years since I stepped into Christ University. I have been content and happy with whatever was given to me and whatever I have got from this University. Three years back when I stepped into the panel room for the interview process, little did I know that my life would change for the good. After having respectfully greeted the panelists, I went on to tell about myself and the next obvious question that came from one of the panelist was – “Tell me something about your hobby”. I knew that I wasn’t the dancer or the singer or the reader that one would be expecting to hear. In a reluctant manner I replied that I am interested in reading about Railways, which was received in a very positive manner. What was surprising was that the panelist did not feel that it was strange at all – something which is felt by many others who have heard people loving cars and bikes, but not somebody who can love trains. Not boasting about it, but over the next three years I was given ample chances to deliver talks and lectures on Railways. Thanks to my teacher who recognized my passion for it and gave me a platform to share my knowledge. The biggest achievement of my life was when I delivered a lecture to a group of Post Graduate students studying Railways. The day still remains fresh in my mind and is something that I will cherish forever.

I am now doing my Masters at Christ itself. And my teachers getting to know about my passion are very supportive. I was also given a golden opportunity by the University to speak in front of 4000 people on the very same topic. The story is long, but I’ll make it short. Last year I went to the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences to propose starting a course on Railways, but since I wasn’t eligible to teach the course, I was instead suggested that I start a forum and after much discussion, the dean, convinced, gave me the approval to start the forum. My family and friends have always been my support when it comes to railways. On the day of inauguration, despite their packed schedule my friends came to attend my session and so did the Dean. I have had the opportunity to go to classes and talk to a whole lot of enthusiastic students and have recieved a great response.

I was finally informed that Railways has been incorporated as a part of the syllabus by the Department of English which was indeed a proud moment for me and so from a group of just 25 – 30 students, I grew to addressing 4000 students. The reason why I am telling this story is to make people understand that behind the strict face lies an enthusiastic and supportive faculty. Had I tried convincing any other university to incorporate railways as a course or let me start a forum on Railways, they wouldn’t have given the platform or the space, but the extent to which my passion has been recognized, I owe it to Christ University.

Which higher authority would sit and listen to you and your passion for anything and yet give you a platform to share with others? I am sure very few. I can say such things happen rarely. I am thankful to the University for the enthusiasm shown to something as distinct a topic railways and I am progressing really well. My blog has reached 3000 views and continues to grow. This was an opportunity that no university would have ever given to me, but Christ University gave me. Thank you, Christ University.