“Christ University, You Gave Me Wings To Fly!”

Posted on August 8, 2016 in Campus Watch

By Amreen Ahmed:

Dear Christ University,

Amidst all the hullabaloo and endless rantings that doesn’t seem to wither. The dark clouds hovering every inch, to overcast your magnificent stature. The unfavourable winds trying hard to lash at your glorious presence. I take pride to confess that you gave me wings to fly, my beloved institution!

You emphasise on the holistic development of every single soul walking on your campus. Can I be more ignorant, when you relentlessly churn the best out of your students? Yes, you heard that right, ‘your students’ precisely ‘Christites’. When this recognition sends a sudden upsurge to my self-esteem, how can I be inconsiderate that you gifted me the glory of this title my beloved, Christ University!

Your core values are profound and deep. And you leave no stone unturned, to inculcate the significance of those values within your students. It would be difficult for many to gulp it down, but there is quite a bunch that is genuinely touched towards a more positive way of life.

The sense of belongingness, the team spirit, confidence, uprightness, diligence and above all professionalism. Can I thank you enough for imbibing within me these much-required nuances, to face a challenging world, waiting outside your vigilant campus? Maybe I cannot! But I insist on sharing my inmost gratitude for chiselling me into an individual I am today.

I have spent the two most beautiful and enriching years of my life within your sprawling campus. You welcomed me with open arms, the way I was, only to escalate my potential multiple-fold. I never felt lost in your ocean which had students from diverse culture, countries and boundaries. In fact, you taught me the art of acceptance and embracing the humankind in the truest sense! Can I be more insensitive for this wonderful gesture you have imprinted within me? I definitely cannot!

You are certainly not a manufacturing unit of robots! But unfortunately, your determination towards sheer discipline is miscomprehended. You validate me with so many reasons for being one of the busiest campus’ in the city of Bangalore or may be in India. At least during my years as a student, I have never witnessed a single day, where at some nook or corner of your campus there’s no event happening. Are robots produced in a campus bustling with life and energy? Ahhh! I don’t know!

Nothing is perfect as they say. Maybe you are not flawless my dearest University. There might be certain principles or rules that could be discussed upon. As you’ve taught us, the pursuit of excellence is to keep improving. But you deserve our love, respect and honour of the highest order. For many souls, you are not just a building made up of brick and stone. Rather we are your reflection into the society!

I really cannot fly my dearest University. But you have instilled in me the required elements, to take the flight to my goals and dreams!

“As we go through life, the star of heaven our guide and though we change with time. The Christite Spirit Survive!”

Much Love and deepest Respect,

Your Christite

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Image for representation only. Source: Harsha K R/ FlickR