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Rainy Day Or Day From Hell? Photos Of What Delhi And Hyderabad Looked Like Today

Posted on August 31, 2016 in PhotoNama

By YKA Staff:

Wednesday morning started off as quite a mess for thousands across the country, as torrential rains lashed across different parts of the country. Delhi, Gurugram and Hyderabad were poured in, with traffic slowing down to a crawl and many parts of the cities coming to a standstill. It wasn’t just the rains adding to people’s woes but the resulting waterlogging which gave the roads a very canal-like look. Gurugram police have Tweeted a travel advisory asking people to ‘be patient’ and warning against poor visibility.

In Hyderabad, things took a turns for the worse as unforeseen rain and flooding also forced much of the city to a stop. Municipal Corporation Commissioner Janardhan Reddy has asked most citizens to ‘not travel for one hour due to heavy rains’. Four people have also been killed in the heavy rains.

Given the situation, many people took to Twitter to call attention to the state of things:

Massive jams in Hyderabad and Delhi.

This citzen hasn’t lost his sense of humour though.


This Delhi citizen has been taken by surprise.

How just an hour of rain can stall a city.

Vehicles submerged. :/

Areas you should probably avoid.

Urgent maintenance underway.

More photos from Hyderabad.

Is that a road or a river? #Delhi

Wow, that’s a road.

This photo could have been taken underwater.

From someone who actually managed to reach his office in Hyderabad.

Stay safe, everyone!

Images courtesy: @ajit_ranade and @baluadusumilli | Twitter