NSUI Takes The Demand For Student Rights To Twitter, Slams Delhi University

Posted on August 8, 2016 in Campus Watch

By YKA Staff:

The Delhi University administration has been hedging a little regarding some basic needs for its own students and they have had enough. The National Students Union of India have organized a protest over what they feel is the Delhi University administration backing out of providing for some of the most basic students’ rights. They’ve put forward a list of demands which seemingly covers everything- ranging from accessible metro fares to clean drinking water. The NSUI articulated these demands in a series of tweets under the hashtag #NSUIKaHallaBol, which is not only trending on twitter but has also become a focal point for irritated students airing out their grievances against the DU administration.

A quick look at the demands put forward by the NSUI:

1. Accommodation:

Ridiculous rates of room rent.

Lack of hostel facilities and spaces for students who desperately need them.

How lack of hostels forces to student to rely on more disagreeable options.

2. Travel

The pitfall of metro fares.

Buses, buses and MORE buses.

3. Security:


The pertinent question of women’s security.

4. A relevant prod, especially considering the importance of the Internet in today’s world.

5. Considering how access to clean, drinkable water is seen as a right

6. That is actually a lot of land going to waste.

7. Olympics or not, sports remains an important part of every student’s life.

Commentators are banded together in their criticism of the DU administration and the hashtag soon caught fire with nearly a hundred retweets. People having been calling out the DU administration for their lack of action despite earlier promises of the same.

How lack of living arrangements can affect non-Delhi students the most:

How the DU administration could work with some of those empty houses:

Still others were more scathing with their criticism:

Ouch. DU, are you listening?

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Image source: NSUI/Facebook