Dear Girl Child, Remember These 8 Things If You Want To Survive In This Society

Posted on August 31, 2016 in Society

By Srishti Tomar:

My dear girl child,

Today I am going to teach you some life lessons and remember, if you want to survive in this world, follow them, otherwise I will make sure you never have peace in your life.

So here it starts –

1. You should already be thankful that you have been allowed to open your eyes in this world but keep in mind you are already out of the only secure place for you.

2. If you are lucky, you will be sent to school (which in some cases won’t be same as your brother’s) but remember there will always be an extra subject for you to learn – household work. And if you are not good at it, you are not well qualified for most important thing of your life – marriage.

3. Don’t even think of dreaming, that’s not a word in your dictionary, along with freedom, safe travel, independence, because if you do so, be ready to add words like ‘bitch’, ‘too modern’, ‘cunning’, ‘rude’, and my favourite ‘characterless’ to your profile.

4. Don’t even think of wearing short or revealing clothes. Remember it is your responsibility to help some innocent guys around who cannot control their urge by looking at your legs and what’s their mistake in that, they are just men.

5. Don’t you dare to go out after 7 p.m . If you are working – who asked you to work? That’s not your job. And if you thought of partying, it doesn’t even matter if someone rapes you, because you are already characterless.

6. Now comes most important part, time to fulfil the motive you came in this world for. You have been given all this to complete some important tasks – learn all sanskar, study well, remain a virgin and given time to your parents to save good amount. All of a sudden, you will soon become an expired product in the market.

After telling you all your life to not talk to or be friends with a man, you will be told to trust and marry a complete stranger. He has been judged on his ability to earn, and you must be happy with what you get, because it is what you deserve based on your beauty, complexion and money your parents have in their pocket).

It doesn’t matter what kind of life you have with your husband not even if he rapes you. If for some reason you think about getting a divorce, you will be reminded of ‘those’ words in your profile.

7. Don’t you think of giving birth to a girl child, how can you not make sure that a boy is born when you are the only person involved. Who cares about chromosomes.

8. Most importantly, don’t forget to teach all these lessons to your daughter (if she is allowed to live) because you don’t have to teach anything to your son. Let him free.

And last but not least, remember, we support women empowerment and believe in equality.

– Your most caring hypocrite society