Watch: What Honey Singh’s Song Would Be Like If He’d Be Yo Yo Feminist

Posted on August 25, 2016 in Culture-Vulture, Sexism And Patriarchy, Video

By Cake:

We all know and collectively facepalm over Yo Yo Honey Singh’s incredibly misogynistic lyrics as they get more ridiculous and offensive by the day. But what if, in an alternative universe, Yo Yo was actually feminist? It seems pretty much impossible to imagine, but comedy collective Schitzengiggles (better known as SnG Comedy) have done it for us in their refreshing new video, which is essentially a reimagining of Singh’s popular song ‘Brown Rang’ from a feminist perspective.

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In the video, we see feminist Honey Singh advocate for equal pay, consent, call out colourism, and stereotypes like ‘women are bad drivers’ or that they should stay in the kitchen, and so on. It is indeed a hilarious take on the song, and hits some high notes (pun intended) when it comes to certain issues. But even then, the video falls prey to some problems of its own, the foremost of which is the fact that it’s ultimately the man who is speaking about women’s issues while the woman isn’t given a voice. After all, it’s a parody of a song which itself has male vocals— so the video often comes across as if it’s the man “allowing” the woman these rights, which is a little patronising. Other than that, the video does fall back on a few more stereotypes—like ‘asking for her father’s blessing’ (which again reinforces patriarchal control), assuming that the woman would either want to work or be a housewife (i.e, seeing her role within those binaries), and so on. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting attempt to shed light on the horrific sexism behind Honey Singh’s lyrics and to somewhat challenge and subvert that.

A feminist Yo Yo Honey Singh is still something we’d dig.

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