A Christite On Why The Most Criticised Rules At The University Are Well-Justified

Posted on August 11, 2016 in Campus Watch

By Ayaan Alam:

Christ University is one of the top-most Universities of Bengaluru. The rules and regulations imposed by the management of the university on the students are for the welfare of the students.

Dress Code

Dress code is imposed on the students because they want their students to be prepared for the corporate world. When you are doing a professional course, you have to dress formally. You cannot come shabbily to class. And at the time of admission, a prospectus is given with all the details. Students should go through the prospectus carefully and decide.


85 % attendance is important. This will abstain the students from bunking classes unnecessarily. Students who have a medical reason, or have informed earlier, can fill up a form and claim their attendance. Students nowadays are notorious and aren’t interested in class hours where learning happens. In order to prevent students from bunking classes, the 85% attendance is a great concept.

Security Guards

Security guards are strict. But they are just doing their work. They need to make sure that students are in proper attire. They don’t misbehave with students who are not in proper attire . They just stop them near the gate and give them a warning. This is done to ensure that the rules framed by the college are followed by the students. And there is nothing wrong in it.


The faculty of Christ University are dedicated and helpful. They are available for the students any time from 8:00-5:00. Students are free to approach them.

Overall, I think Christ University is the best in Bengaluru. There are certain rules but that is for the welfare of the students. Students might feel suffocated initially because of the rules imposed on them. But later on, they should realise how these rules will have a positive effect on them. The management of Christ University has been constantly working towards the betterment of students. Their main assets are their students. Christ University students stand out when compared to other students of other institutions. I am happy to be a part of this institution.

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Image for representation only. Source: Harsha K R/ FlickR