In Photos: 350 Students Continue Protest At Amity Law School, Demand #JusticeForSushant

Posted on August 17, 2016 in Campus Watch

By Amrita Singh:

On the morning of August 17, students and alumni of Amity Law School, Delhi, protested in front of the college against administration for the alleged harassment which provoked Sushant Rohilla, a 3rd-year student, studying at Amity, to commit suicide.

According to Keshav Datta, an alumnus of the institute who is actively participating in the protest and has been speaking to the media about the case as well, the protest saw around 350 participants, including the deceased’s father, uncle and sister, Mehak Rohilla, amongst others. There was a protest yesterday as well, but the participants and media persons present, were more in number today. The protesters had signboards that read “Justice for Sushant” and were demanding resignation of the institute’s Director BP Sehgal along with a professor, Dr Isheeta Rutabhasini, who allegedly harassed Sushant for having low attendance and subsequently detained him.

During the protest, a member of the college administration, was allegedly forcing 1st-year and 2nd-year students into classes. The administration was apparently calling up their parents and telling them that their ward is skipping classes to ‘participate in nuisance activities’ (sic). The member of the administration in question, was unavailable to comment on the same.

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Images have been shared by Keshav Datta