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“My Dogs Inspire Me To Become A Better Human Being”

Posted on August 31, 2016

By Vaishali Uniyal:

Love is meant to be felt. Be it verbally, emotionally or physically. At points in our life we get tired of giving importance to things that do not serve us well and then we feel heartbroken . People, people, people and more people! More love, thoughts, expectations and disappointments and at last a lesson – good or bad!
And then there are those who do not talk to us, they tell us that they love us not by their words but by their actions. Welcoming us with the warmness that fills our heart with joy – cuddling like a one-year-old baby, playing like a little pebble each time you come home, in whatever fraction of time… a day, an hour or a minute. Just what we want… a heart we know we own, a heart that loves us without any expectations. And that love – it can brighten up even the darkest days of  life.
The happiest part of returning home from my college is seeing my dogs go mad, run all around the house, chase me, cry in joy – like they’ve got back an old belonging, someone they missed every day! This is the power of love… no matter where we go, how far we go, how long we are gone for without communication, the love remains.

You feel it in the atmosphere, in your heart. There are positive vibes around you. My dogs inspire me to become a better human being, to spread love . To us they’re a part of our busy lives, but to them, we’re their world, their sunshine, their source of smile and just anything and everything they’ll ever need . For me, getting an opportunity to pet them is a blessing of god.

Adopt one, they’ll love you more than they love themselves.