I Am Happy To Say That I Am The Mother Of A Christ University Drop-Out

Posted on August 4, 2016 in Campus Watch

By Jaya Subramanian:

I am happy to say that I am the mother of a Christ drop-out. Shocked? How can a sensible loving mother be happy when her child is a drop out? Well she is out of hell and misery. That is the reason. She joined for the triple major stream in humanities. Being a smart kid she already knew the basics of her subjects. She was shocked to know that one of her subject teachers was not teaching the matter right. She, along with her friends, went to the counsellor. They were stopped outside the door saying that if they were coming with the intention to complain about the teachers then they need not enter! Then began the months of agony when no actual learning took place. If any student spoke or disturbed the class, the whole class was cancelled. All the other students also missed classes due to a few students’ mistakes. Then the assessments began without any syllabus being completed. Regarding dress code, well, she was told not to wear pallazzo pants. It’s supposed to be bigger than a patiala. I did have to take her to a counsellor, some 30 km away from our place. She helped. It worked. She applied to another place and got admission. She dropped out much to our relief. I am writing this so that the children presently studying get help. Nobody should go through all this crap.

But not many were as lucky as her.

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Featured image source: Christ University, Bangalore/ Facebook