Mumbai Mirror Ran This WTF Headline, And People Are Super Pissed

Posted on August 22, 2016 in Specials

By YKA Staff:

One would think what with Indian women shining at the Olympics and basically proving themselves to be the kickass people we always knew they were, that maybe the media would get with this point of view and stop with the misogyny? Well apparently no one sent the Mumbai Mirror that memo, who released an interview with P. Gopichand’s wife, PVV Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is also a badminton player in her own right and has represented India at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. In the interview with Mumbai Mirror, Lakshmi spoke of how she didn’t have what players like Sindhu have today – dedicated coaches like her husband. And how was this interview with the two time national badminton champion presented? With the most misleading headline ever: “Sindhu Has What I Didn’t Have – My Husband”.

Oooh, dual blow of making it all about the man as well as completely misleading the reader. Lakshmi had said “Sindhu has what I didn’t have back then, my husband as coach,” but hey, who’s checking? The entire Internet, apparently. Here are a few outraged responses we have gathered for you:

Yeah, but what about his status as a husband?

Up there with Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad

Total class act

Now if there was a media Olympics…

Maybe they’d soak up some editing skills too

Because cooking stuff up does require that subtle touch.

Some sage advice:

Another media publication tried be cool, but called Mumbai Mirror a “padoswali auntie”. Actually not cool at all.

For some more blunt advice:

Sagar Master: U guys are going on d worst level of journalism…trying to quote ur sentences in such a worst way…its what u guys r best at. Do u guys even realise that this man made two champions for our country. Ur level of newspapers shall be used to soak roadside bhajjias 😕

Tejashree Kamble: Headline is written in such bad taste..

The Mumbai Mirror has since changed its headline to suit what PVV Lakshmi actually said. Wish we didn’t have to wait for the entire Internet to rain down upon them for that to happen. Not cool, Mumbai Mirror.