In New Episode, ‘Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa’ Brilliantly Handles Topic Of Homosexuality

Posted on August 31, 2016 in Art, Cake, Health and Life, Popsicle, Sex

By Cake Staff:

Many of us who grew up in conservative middle-class families almost never got the ‘sex talk’ from our parents. In fact, our parents often shied away from the mere mention of sexuality or anything remotely related to it, and we had to rely on the internet (or other dubious sources) to gain our sex education. But Y-Films’ latest web series, “Sex Chat With Pappu and Papa” is aimed to correct this very mentality and create a healthy, unbiased, and informative dialogue between parents and children regarding matters dealing with sex. The series follows an inquisitive kid Pappu asking his ‘Papa’ questions—about masturbation, condoms, sexual intercourse, periods and so on—and him explaining it in simple, lucid language, breaking the stigma around such conversations. And the fifth and final episode, which released last week, deals with the sensitive subject of homosexuality and does so with remarkable nuance.

In the episode, we encounter a gay couple (who are friends with‘Papa’), which leads to the young Pappu being curious about what the word ‘homosexual’ means. Papa, using brilliant yet easy to understand analogies and euphemisms explains same-sex love to both Pappu and ‘Daddu’ (the grandfather), and talks about how it’s completely natural and valid. They take on some intense subjects—from conversion therapy to gay marriage to discussions on the laws that criminalize homosexuality and hinder LGBTQ rights—and all of it is done superbly.

This is truly a unique and important web series, and especially for conservative Indian audiences, because it’s busting some ridiculous myths and is (hopefully) changing mindsets and creating healthier conversations.