“We Will Help You Fly, Dear Students Of Christ University”, A Teacher’s Perspective

Posted on August 31, 2016 in Campus Watch

By Om Prakash:

We will help you fly, Dear students

My objective here is to mention some of the least publicised positive aspects of our university which I believe will help those who stand for hard work, professionalism and the development of higher education to reflect upon and consolidate their thoughts. Anyhow, the points mentioned below are based on my personal observations.

  1. Christ University has never advertised in any medium for the recruitment of students. Students apply here for admissions based on the experiences and information they receive from the alumni and current students. It is a fact that a considerable proportion of the students in the university’s UG programmes are from the Christ PU college in the same campus and a sizable proportion of students opting for the PG programmes are those who have completed their UG programme in the same campus. Their interest to continue in the campus shows their love and recognition for the system and campus life here.
  2. Christ University is offering scholarships to many students from economically backward classes (I, myself, have recommended deserving candidates in the past) which is rarely found among many other educational institutions. It is important to note that we also have a free midday meal programme for students from economically backward sections of the society. Therefore, it is naïve to say that we are least concerned about the requirements of students.
  3. We never advertise our placement records. But, hope that the numerous students who have been placed through our campus placement cell are the better ones to judge it.
  4. I agree that our programmes are hectic and require extra effort from students to excel in them. At the same time, most of them are aimed at the benefit of students. Moreover, it is not only the students who are made to work hard; faculty members also have to undergo many orientations and attend refresher courses and Quality Improvement Programmes (QIPs) to equip themselves to excel in their professions. If we look at our faculty attrition, some are leaving the campus fearing workload.
  5. When many educational institutions keep a policy to increase the tuition fee annually, Christ University has not increased it since 2013 for Humanities and Social Sciences though we have a huge demand for admissions in this stream (hope this is the same with other streams also; but I am not sure).
  6. As mentioned in some other posts, it is very easy to announce a holiday. But, who will be benefitted? Is it not the duty of any contributing citizen to appreciate the efforts and work the maximum? Many countries have already banned Strikes and Bandhs and resorted to much productive means for grievance redressal. I think, we need to understand the loss of revenue and human resources to the country if we stop working for a day.
  7. Anyhow, I understand the difficulties that some students might have faced to reach the campus in the absence of public transport system. But, anybody interested in contributing towards the growth and development of the society must be ready to bear such struggles for the larger benefit. However, our university has given attendance to those students who could not make it, on days of transport strike, by producing a copy of their bus pass and teachers are ready to personally help them understand the syllabus covered.
  8. Dear students and friends, take a minute and think about the real intentions behind the rules and regulations of our institution. They are made to benefit us. Of course, if any of them is contra to our interests, we have appropriate forums to discuss them. It is our responsibility not to allow vested interests to capitalise on our uncritical reactions. I respect all your views. In fact, as a teacher, I am proud of the way you have articulated your views. I appreciate you all. But, my only concern is the cause for which some of you stood up. Please ask your conscience and think twice before reacting to provocations.
  9. Our university is one of the most reputed institutions in the country today. All of us must take pride in that. It is made possible because of the sincere efforts of many people in the past and present. Today, we are also reaping the benefits of their hard work and fame. It is understandable that how much one has had to struggle to build an institution of eminence like this. It is unfortunate that we seldom get people and their support to build an institution but there will be many to throw stones at them once built.

                                                                                                                                                                              Om Prakash L T