We Matched!

Posted on August 22, 2016 in LGBTQ, My Story

By Aron Silver:

We matched!

I had been on tinder for over 10 months but nothing much happened. Went on a few dates here and there, but that day, I was feeling lucky or unlucky as it was February 14 and I was single.

I super liked her on Tinder and few hours later I got a notification that I had a new match, a moment later there was a message ‘Hi Aron’ to which I excitedly replied without wasting time. We hit it off immediately. She was witty , smart and amazing and made me blush a few times. I complemented her and she complemented on what we could make from our pics.

There was one picture in particular where she was wearing an olive green t-shirt and ray bans which made my heart skip a beat.

We got to know each other but didn’t meet for quite sometime as I was busy with friends and family weddings and she was occupied with work, but we texted each other and talked at night. I would send her selfies of me dressed up for parties and she would shower me with compliments. We spoke everyday and really looked forward to our late night calls. Every time my phone buzzed, I knew it was her and had a smile on my face. It had been only about 3 weeks and we hadn’t met but I was falling for her. I had never felt anything like this in my adult life.

Nearly after 9 weeks we finally decided to meet. On a hot Moniday afternoon on April 4, I went to pick her up from her meeting, she walked out of the door, looked at me sitting in my car (singing ladki kar gai chull)and for a moment everything stopped, I could feel my heart beating loudly. She was taller than I thought and she was wearing those same damn ray-bans looking amazing, carrying her chumbak laptop sleeve. She looked at me, smiled, and I started walking towards her. I was breathing heavily, she opened the door and sat and said hi. We decide to go to some nice Italian place in GK 2 but out of nervousness I lost the way and we ended up at Sagar Ratna. We ordered food, and I didn’t like what I had ordered when the food came. So she being super nice and loving offered her food and gladly exchanged her food with mine. I don’t remember much of what we talked about because I couldn’t stop looking at her face. We finished our food, she insisted on paying the bill as my birthday treat.

We drove around a bit after our meal because I kept missing turns, and finally reached the metro station she wanted to go to. We exchanged our goodbyes, she hugged me, opened the door and got out. I felt this sudden rush to hug her again so I jumped out of the car and hugged her, she kissed me on the cheek, and my body felt like it was floating in mid air. She said bye and started walking toward the station, turned back only to ask me if I would be able to reach home from there. I waved my phone at her and we both laughed. I got in the car but I couldn’t move as I was so overwhelmed by the whole experience, something good actually happened with me. That day changed my life. I had never felt so much happiness in my life, I was in my comfort zone with her, I finally found a person I was actually happy considering my life with just after the first date, I know sounds crazy, but if you had been in my place you would have felt the same.

This all sounds like any love story but it isn’t, there is a problem.

Imagine finding someone but not being able to be with them because society thinks its crazy. Just replace all the she’s with he, and you will see the problem. I matched with a guy and went out on a date with him. My love is not GAY LOVE, it’s just love same as yours, same as everyone. It all sounds pretty normal, as it should and this would be happening to anyone who is dating or is in love. There is no difference between your love and mine. Your love is not superior to mine and mine is no less real or normal as your love.

I am bisexual, this is my story and I choose love .