Rohan Joshi’s Story Of Being Bullied By A Teacher Is A Struggle Many Students Face

Posted on August 17, 2016 in Media

By Rohan Seth:

On August 10, Sushant Rohilla, a 3rd year student from Amity Law School committed suicide. According to tweets put out by Teerth Waraich, his friend from the same college, Sushant was debarred from giving his exams due to “unfulfillment of attendance”. He missed class due to a foot injury though the college paid no heed to his email pleading for another chance. “My college killed him,” says Teerth.

Looking at Teerth’s tweets, that have been retweeted hundreds of time since they were posted, AIB’s Rohan Joshi took to the social media platform to share his personal experience of dealing with humiliation and anxiety due to the prejudice he faced from a teacher. We’ve probably all had that one professor who was unfair or rude to us, but when benign curtness changes to an obsessive spite from the teacher’s end, it can simply ruin lives. It’s hurtful and confusing for a student, when teachers are intentionally out to kill their career prospects, especially for a young child, whose parents probably have instilled in him or her, the value of education and of teachers, imparting that education.

In all of my years of being a student and working with students, I know that it can take a really long time for a student to bounce back, reignite the spark and get the confidence back. To compound the issue, there are hardly any readressal mechanisms for students in such instances of mental and emotional abuse. Therefore, Rohan speaking up on this issue is important because it will not only encourage more students to stand up and speak out, but will tell them that they aren’t alone.

Here are the tweets Rohan put out:

Looking at Rohan’s tweets, many students came forward and shared their experiences as well.

Roshan Shankar, an advisor to the Delhi Govt., also joined in and promised action.

If you’re someone who’s facing harassment in your school or college, or knows someone who do, do try reaching out to these helplines if you feel comfortable.