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This Sanjay Dutt Video Just Resurfaced And It’s Basically A Tutorial In Toxic Masculinity

Posted on August 9, 2016 in Masculinity, Sexism And Patriarchy, Video

By YKA Staff

It’s 2016, and a Sanjay Dutt video from 2008 has resurfaced back on the interwebs to make us cringe. Actually less about the actor, and more of a lesson in toxic masculinity – something that oppresses men into being what the grossly flawed ideal society says they should be. And Sanju saying this just shows how deeply ingrained these rigid definitions of who a ‘man’ should be are in our head.

This idea of masculinity puts immense pressure on hundreds of men – something that has led to many committing suicide, and to an increase in sexual and domestic violence. This extreme notion of mardangi is also what plays a big role in extreme incidents of ragging, road rage, acid attacks and other forms of brutal violence. It also feeds deeply into how we look at gender constructs and consider anyone outside of these constructs as ‘weird’, not ‘manly’ enough or just a ‘misfit’ in society. Basically, it’s patriarchal, sexist and regressive as hell.

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