Game Of Giving: How Sex Can Be More Satisfying

Posted on August 31, 2016

By Krishna Vedhu:

To love is to give. Love, this great thing we all seek. This feeling or emotion or state of being that we even dare deem equal to the divine is but an ache to give. It is the inability to give oneself to one’s beloved and yet nonetheless the constant struggle to give. This nuance of love is not lost on sex. We call sex as the act of love making for a reason. Because we again ache to give.

It enthrals to see good-looking actors on screen rushing home or to a secluded spot to enjoy each other’s bodies. While such urge and rush has its rightful place, the act of love makes more sense when it is an urge not to finish but an urge to see one’s lover in unspeakable pleasure. This need that rises in a man or woman is not something unwanted that you couldn’t wait to get rid of. It is not like you rush home and run to the loo to take a piss. No, it is not something you want to get rid of. This is something to be savoured. Something we all should stop and pay attention to.

Sex, in general, is not something anyone wants to talk about. Society for ages has made a very good job of making it a taboo topic. India is a nation that has a very dismissive attitude about sex. But it would be good to know that we come from a culture, the only culture that gave birth to temples like Khajuraho. We come from the culture that knows the link between sex and spirituality. The point is that our ancestors have carefully looked at sex, savoured it and they were very right to do so.

So you see, it is OK to talk about sex. You don’t have to read this article in a rush. It is time to relax and think. Think about one of the few things that genuinely make mankind happy.

Having said all that, the topic at hand is that many women are very sexually unsatisfied and that perhaps may be the result of men’s ignorance. I am most certainly not trying to make this into another ‘men vs women’ fight. We have had enough of those and see how well it has helped us.

Nature, according to me, has perfected women a lot more than men. It is not in any way to put down men. It is simply nature’s way of keeping things going. But men don’t take it that way. They are insecure. And that is the very psychological reason behind a patriarchal society. One who strikes first is the most insecure. Men are inherently more insecure than women. How often have you seen guys change the very way they behave once a girl appears? That simple change will tell you stories of evolution where the concept of insecurity and men are tightly wound. Women, please be kind to your masculine counterparts. They are really suffering. They do not know love like you do. They are a bundle of insecurity.

So, again, this cannot be a ‘us vs them’ fight. Either nobody is at fault or we are all at fault. There is only one thing we can do now; learn together and change for the better. Back to the topic of women being more unsatisfied. We face such an issue perhaps because we, in general, don’t have the right attitude about sex. Like I said in the beginning, it is giving that is far more important. It is not your concern if you are enjoying or not but it should be the concern of your partner. Now some might think that I am putting more pressure by saying that you should be worried about the other. It might seem like added pressure but really it is not. Just stop and think for a moment how you will feel when your beloved is aching to enjoy your body. And to give the same to them is undoubtedly beautiful.

What good is a painting if there are no observers to appreciate? What good is yin without yang? We give and they grow. They give and we grow. Give your woman an earth shattering orgasm and know you have certainly won. It really is a game of giving, my friends.