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Why I Am Still ‘Proud To Be A Christite’

Posted on August 9, 2016 in Campus Watch


I have studied in Christ University for the last three years, and I have never felt oppressed or targeted by the management. If my college has imposed a dress code and minimum attendance it is to ensure that I develop professionalism in my life and inculcate these habits always. Didn’t we have a dress code in school? Wasn’t attendance taken then? Every year when our alumni visit us some of the main things they talk about is how they’ve learnt punctuality and how to carry themselves from this university.

If you visit any library in the city, there are signs that prohibit the use of cellphones. Similarly, if you use it in the University during classes or in the library, it will be confiscated. My phone was confiscated, once, and I know myriad classmates who have faced the same situation, yet I do not know a single person who haven’t gotten their phones back. None of us have had to pay a penny either. Though they say they won’t return it or will collect a big fine, I’ve realised that they’re merely threats.

The security guards at Christ University are being accused of being too strict at the gates and about those not wearing their ID cards. I have a friend whose ex-boyfriend turned out to be a cheap stalker. He has tried to enter the campus to talk to her, the only reason he has never been able to do so is due to our powerful security system. Imagine how it would be if the college didn’t bother to keep a check on this. The campus would have random strangers crawling in and what’s the guarantee that it may not include perverts and similar stalkers?

Sexual harassment is a very serious issue. I cannot speak for the entire university but when there was a similar situation in my department, the faculty was fired immediately, and they brought in a new teacher right after so that our studies wouldn’t be affected. The college supports all kinds of co-curricular activities and fests. We’re given priceless exposure and education that continuously moulds us into better individuals.

So I’d like to conclude by saying that we may have stringent rules. We may lose out on our sleep. We may have to follow a dress code but even if I were given an opportunity to join other colleges in Bangalore which don’t look at your attendance or will let you happily text in class, I won’t. I’d still get down on my knees and be thankful to study in one of India’s most premier and prestigious institutes, Christ University.

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