Symbiosis Bangalore To Host All-Night Classical Music Concert To Mark Independence

Posted on August 13, 2016 in Campus Watch

By Jijivisha Ghosh:

Dance and music is deeply rooted in India’s culture and varies from state to state, carrying its traditions and uniqueness. And what better time to celebrate it than our 70th Independence Day!

As the youth of an emerging nation like India, it is important for us to change with the times, but at the same time be rooted in our values. Those pursuing any art form will undoubtedly agree that it has made them more disciplined in their way of life and has instilled in them the right values.

M.F Hussain once rightly said, “I think what we are today, culturally, we have a unique position and I don’t think one lifetime is enough to encompass it.”

However, the common issue that classical art forms often face is that it does not garner much attention. We at Symbiosis School of Media and Communication, Bengaluru, believe that it’s never too late to develop an interest and bring into focus this wonderful spectrum of music and culture.

Symbiosis School of Media and Communication, Bengaluru, will host its first ever all night concert in association with Spic Macay, on August 14 from 7pm to 7am on August 15, 2016.

The event ‘Yamini’, which translates to ‘the beautiful night’, will see stalwarts in the field of classical music and dance taking stage. Eminent artists from across the country will be performing and lighting up the stage at SSMC-B, like Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Venkatesh Kumar, Vid T.M Krishna to name a few.

Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth, Spic Macay is a non-political organization that works towards increasing awareness among the youth about the rich culture and heritage of the country. This is with a hope that the grace, beauty and values of these art forms will influence the way of life and thinking of people, especially the youth. Spic Macay believes in ‘Nishkam Seva’ i.e. to give selfless ideology which is the foundation of our tradition and culture. It was felicitated with the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavna’ award in 2011.

Having such an event in a cosmopolitan city like Bengaluru is the best way to attract the youth of today and get them to understand and appreciate classical music. Bengaluru is regarded as a melting pot and rightfully so. The city is known not just as the IT hub of India, but is also known for its diversity, night life and ‘music scenes’ as the youngsters call it.

As someone who has not had much exposure to classical art-forms, I am really looking forward to this evening, for how often or when would we otherwise get an opportunity to witness such brilliance. Spic Macay as an organization has facilitated the growth of individuals who have been a part of their journey and has helped them improve exponentially in every sphere of their life.

If you love music and dance make your way to Symbiosis School of Media and Communication on August 14, from 7 pm to 7 am on August 15!

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Banner image source: The India Today Group/ Hindustan Times, GettyImages