Shobhaa De, How You Taunted India’s Athletes Is Utterly “Disappointing And Shameful”

Posted on August 9, 2016 in Society, Sports

By Aparajita Upadhyay:

After body shaming Kate Middleton, Shobhaa De is back in action with a new target: Team India at the Olympics.

Miss De tweeted this:

For those of who are unaware, De is best known for her depiction of socialites and sex in her works of fiction. Now I am not implying that she doesn’t have the right to comment about India’s performance, but such scathing comments?

News Flash Miss De, these Olympians give their heart and soul for the games, they train with all their might because no matter how many medals they win in other events, they will never be able to compete with an Olympic medal. It takes great dedication and hard work to qualify for these events.

The statement shows how regressive our society’s attitude is towards sports. In a time when we should be encouraging our players, comments like these are extremely disappointing and shameful. These players have fought the odds to reach where they are. With corruption in all federations and sub-standard infrastructure, it is by no means a cake walk to achieve success at the global level. Barring cricket, all the sports are considered lowly in country.

This is the same Abhinav Bindra who fetched us our first individual Gold medal 8 years ago in Beijing, and today when he lost a medal by just 0.1 point you post such comments? Yes it hurts to lose, but do you ever stop and consider how these players feel after losing? You think they jump around with joy? Wouldn’t Abhinav Bindra himself want to end his career with a medal?

And as far as taking selfies is concerned aren’t you the one to talk Miss De, you roam around taking ‘page 3’ selfies yourself with your fellow socialites and then have the audacity to comment about the players. Now isn’t that hypocritical?

A word of advice Miss De, if you can’t support them, quit questioning the integrity and the dedication of our players.


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