What I’ve Learned After Becoming A Mother

Posted on August 22, 2016 in My Story

By Shilpi Bhatt:

12468057_1180983815287713_84492289_nYes! I agree that it was the most liberating thing that ever happened to me.  I am a woman and a mother of a baby girl who’s 1 year and 5 months old. My MBA degree is paying its value now. I should admit that I am dealing with my parenthood and in addition to work in two parallel streets, leading to achievement.

Let me narrate my point of view after I got the most lovable title on earth – Mother. We are all aware that the journey of a woman who becomes a mother involves a lot of transition. My journey begins with me starting a new chapter called ‘Marriage’ and entering a new, strange family. Whether it’s love or arranged marriage, a new family is always a new starting point for a woman. Some women even move to different towns, cities and even countries, away from their own mother and father. I moved to a different country and I conquered the new world like all belongs to me. But being a mother and is entirely different from other transitions. This lovely experience is exclusively created for a woman. I feel proud for this eternal bond that nature bestowed us with.

It is a natural yet emotionally challenging process, which undoubtedly brings with it various physical changes. Nature’s exquisite plan on body change, labour, birth, and breastfeeding, guides women on the journey of becoming a mother. I, like other pregnant woman, carried my baby under my heart for 9 months. That’s why we say there is no love like a mother’s love. And that’s why I believe it is the most liberating thing to have happened to me.

Women’s Health study published in 2009 stated that on average, a mother’s body dissatisfaction increased significantly from 0 to 9 months postpartum and the results showed a significant association between negative body image and poorer mental health, highlighting the importance of body confidence to women.

From being the queen of my father to the queen of the house to reigning the family and raising the baby, it was quiet challenging with the physical and emotional changes I faced during pregnancy. The genuine test is yet to start with regards to dealing with an infant. If nature’s plan to accolade us with motherhood therewith comes versatility, then I am on that path of managing work, house and my baby up to the mark.

There are various changes that a women adapts to after reaching motherhood, where she indeed needs a pat and encouragement. Through the medium of these experiences, I’ll try and share what I felt:

  1. Around the clock: A mother works around the clock with no incentives and payments. Well done! You are an overachiever without expectations.
  2. Experience is the mother of wisdom: Women are great learners, and learn things from what happens to them. This natural process of becoming a mother makes them more experienced people.
  3. Burn the midnight oil: A mother works all the time so working during the night is no big deal.
  4. Apples and oranges: A mother has a natural tendency of comparing how much their kid eats or drinks compares to others’ kids.
  5. Hit the sack: Would never happen after you become a mother.
  6. Blue moon: Now forgets all occasions, parties, vacations with friends but remembers baby’s 1-month birthday to first walk to first word.
  7. Against the clock: A mother runs against the clock all the time. Balancing home and work is a big deal but a can mother do all without any fail.
  8. Whole nine yards: Your love for the baby is incomparable and eternal.
  9. Apple of your eye: Your baby is always your favourite, no matter what.

It is rightly said, “God cannot be with you all the time, hence He created Mother” and there is no love as unconditional and eternal as a mother’s love. That’s why it is said that when a couple reaches parenthood, they understand the true value of their own parents.

Through this short blog, I would like to bring my point of view in front of all the women who are either going to be mothers, or are mothers already.



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