How The Uber Cool Dr. Situ Made IDBI Bank Fix Its Really Badly Built Wheelchair Ramp

Posted on August 23, 2016 in #Access4All, Disability Rights, Staff Picks

This is Dr. Satendra Singh aka @drsitu from Delhi.


Dr. Situ is a fiery disability rights activist and Associate Editor of the online journal “Research & Humanities in Medical Education”.

Dr Situ 2

8 months ago, on December 6, he blasted IDBI Bank as their branch in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, was completely inaccessible for people in wheelchairs.

The next day, IDBI said they would look into “possible rectification”.

IDBI might have thought the matter would be forgotten, but nope! Dr. Situ is a really, really determined person. 

He is also making sure that India’s Transport Minister is accountable for how accessible India’s Transport Bhawan is. No biggie.

And he has also called out this ridiculous design at an ICICI Bank branch. “There is a step just before ramp. What purpose will it solve?” he told YKA.

Basically Dr. Situ is isn’t afraid of demanding what’s a basic right, and not a luxury – access for all!

And in a fabulous moment of victory (despite the fact that it took 8 darn months), IDBI Bank got its act together.

Now imagine if IDBI Bank had just kept this in mind in the first place because it sucks how our public spaces are inaccessible for millions in India.

And as for Dr. Situ, may he never stop asking for accountability.

Dr Situ with flag

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All images from @drsitu | Twitter