#NewsInTweets: Trade Unions Strike Against Govt’s ‘Anti-Labour’ Policies In 11 States

Posted on September 2, 2016 in News

By YKA Staff:

What’s the latest around the world today? Curated for you from the interwebz, here’s a quick morning fix to keep you updated. In 140 characters at that! Presenting, #NewsInTweets:

1. Trade unions begin nationwide strike against ‘anti-labour policies’ of government. Several essential services such as transports are likely to be affected due to the strike.


2. Crores spent in educating tribal students in Maharashtra who only exist on paper. More than 8,000 students out of 25,992 students ‘enrolled’ could not be found in the schools.


3. Venezuelans hit the street to demand a recall referendum against goverment. They were also protesting against the current government of Nicolas Maduro, calling it a “corrupt regime.”

4. A strong earthquake hit New Zealand today morning. No injuries reported so far but it was followed by several aftershocks as well as a small tsunami.

5. Terrorists attack Christian colony in Peshawar. One civilian may have been killed, four people have been arrested so far.

6. Vodafone and Airtel slashing prices to compete with Reliance Jio. The offers by Reliance is expected to disrupt the market due to the cheap prices.

7. Rocket explosion burns Facebook’s Internet.org project. The project was intended to allow internet access in Sub-Saharan Africa. The explosion destroyed the rocket as well as the Israeli communications satellite.


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Banner and featured image: Hindustan Times/Getty Images