Can You Put Yourself In The Shoes Of Someone Who Has Had An Abortion?

Posted on September 29, 2016 in Sexual Health, Video

By Love Matters India:

Can you put yourself in the shoes of someone who has had an abortion? Would you understand the reasons that drove a woman to make such a decision? For September 28, International Day of Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, a group of young people from India recently participated in a social experiment.

They were told to read a letter written by an Indian woman on camera and at the end of the letter, she asked them a question.

The result? Turns out most of us can suspend judgement and be more empathetic on the subject of abortions. Not convinced? Watch the video for yourself.

This video is a part of Love Matters’ global campaign #StepIntoOurShoes in partnership with WGNRR for access to safe and legal abortion.

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