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How Media Can Make Or Break A Person

Posted on September 17, 2016

By Abhinav Chandar:

It might be just another time when a person has gone missing. But let us acknowledge the reason why she went absconding.

Poojitha M.K, a 13-year-old Bengaluru girl, who studies at National Public School, went missing on August 27 and the hue and cry of the parents (which was obvious) was very evident on social media. A massive hunt was organised everywhere and numerous eyes were searching for her.

Finally, when she was traced inside a train at Hubballi, I was amused at how narrow- minded and hypocritical people could be. Instead of leaving the matter and rejoicing the girl’s return, they commented on the ‘upbringing’ of the child and the ‘misuse’ of social media. Agreed, that her act was very uncalled for and that people may not take this kind of messages on social media seriously anymore, but let us think it out from her perspective too. Nobody tells the parents that they’re going to run away from home. It is very obvious that the parents will make people aware and would seek as much help as possible through the best platform one can think of – social media. The parents can not be blamed for spreading the word. The worry of parents cannot even be measured. Now let us look at the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ for her small ‘break’.

1. The school transport or authorities have an issue with parking vehicles inside the campus which resulted in the girl’s fleeing away right after she got down from the bus a few meters away from school.

2. The amount of fear and pressure inculcated by the school due to which she was even afraid to show her grades to her parents, let alone getting the signature bit done.

3. Societal issues – “Arrey log kya kahenge. Mere padosi Rohan ko zyaada marks aaye”

These are the typical things to focus on, especially the societal issues. It does not matter how much your neighbour’s kid scores, be happy with what you have. Instead of telling that the upbringing of the child is wrong, notice how the child manages these kinds of pressures on a daily basis.

We have to realise the plight of her parents also before making derogatory remarks. Not everyone can accept them. Now that she is back, instead of being judgmental, we have to ensure that she is comfortable and feels accepted by everyone, so that later if she needs, she can go approach anyone for help.

This is just one scenario. Thousands of such cases happen every day due to educational and societal pressure. Media is the voice of the people and can make or break a person. She didn’t ask for this. It just happened, so let us just take what has to be taken and filter these with an unbiased mindset.

Let’s bring about a change in our mindsets, because then only, we can point out at the rest of the world.