Accept Me For Who I Am

Posted on September 21, 2016

By Preeti Singh:

I am not the girl who is always smiling. There are days I carry my frown like a trophy, I let the world know that today, my heart is breaking. I do not always look perfect. I have had people say to me, “you know you’d be so much prettier if you did this, or this, or that. Try smiling more often.”

In our time-space reality, time does exist, because we have chosen for time to exist, to learn from its limits. I choose to occupy my time with things that will enable my souls expansion, not things which will enable false attention. I do not always overflow with positivity, I get angry, I get upset, I curse, and sometimes I wish I was never born. I do not play the role of false light, and yes I am proud of myself for not falling into that trap. I embrace my ego and the great lessons it has taught me. I do not demonise who I am naturally, an element of darkness as much as an element of light. I do not believe in mistakes – only lessons. I do not believe in problems – only challenges. I do not believe in wrong – only things which resonate with the heart and things which do not.

I am not perfect, I never want to be perfect. I want something much bolder, much greater, much more shocking, much more terrifying than that. I want to be the bolt which strikes every idea of perfection that has been shoved down the throat of every soul, and a reminder that there is something much more wild, much more liberating, much more exciting, and much more tempting outside the barriers of perfection – it is a beautiful mess, it is a chaotic playground of desire and pleasure, it is a golden ocean full of broken things with magnificent stories, it is the dark void of absolute beauty and rebellion.