10 Apps That Can Help Up Your Travel Game

Posted on September 18, 2016 in Travel

By Writu Bose:

I am a travel buff and there’s no denying it. Everything about travelling gets me all kicking. No wait, not everything. I hate packing with all my heart. I would do anything to skip that horrid bit about the journey.

But it’s not just packing, travelling actually comes with lots of hassles – silly as well as serious ones – especially when you’re travelling abroad. There are just too many things to look after and more often than not, preparing for them gets really annoying.

Keeping the whole packing mess aside, the fusspot in me has always had a merry time figuring out things related to language and safety among so many others. But I must admit, travelling has become much easier and almost painless with technology at our disposal. Now we have tons of hunky-dory apps that are quick-fixing issues like a boss.

The following infographic has brought together some of these super cool apps that seek to provide solutions to most of the problems one might encounter while travelling abroad.

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