Meet The 22-Year-Old National Fencing Champion Fighting Hard To Win A Gold For India

Posted on September 11, 2016 in Sports, Video

By Praveen Padmanabhan:

Meet Bhavani Devi – India’s national fencing Champion, champion of a lesser known popular sport. This 22-year-old, Chennai-based enthusiastic sportswoman holds the 85th National Fencing Champion position in the world, has travelled across the globe striving to make herself better and she is at the prime of her fencing skills. Bhavani is an incredible hard worker, practicing tirelessly on her fencing skills, aiming to snatch gold for her country.

Her techniques and ability to swiftly learn has been much appreciated by professionals. This humble girl trains very hard to be better than her best, with the help of her coach, off ground. But beyond this, she is in dire need of proper training equipment and a place to train. With time against her and society away from her, it’s important that we empower talented stars like her and put them on the global arena. Having won a silver medal at the U-23 Asian Fencing Championship in 2014, Bhavani has been looking for financial support.

The reason why I believe her story needs awareness is because, firstly, this sport is a lesser known sport, most people would not even be aware of this. And second, with a little help, we can get her closer to her goal of winning a gold medal at the Olympics.