How BHU’s Management Left Its Students Homeless And Helpless During Floods

Posted on September 9, 2016 in Campus Watch

By Sumit Buchasia:

During the recent spate of monsoon floods, the river Ganga crossed it’s danger mark in many parts of Uttar Pradesh including Varanasi, the city of temples, making the condition of the city even worse. Students who came from different cities to study in Banaras Hindu University became prey to this catastrophic situation .

Mayank, a student in the faculty of arts of BHU said, “Flood water came to our room at midnight. The owner of the hostel commanded every student to evacuate the hostel as it was a case of emergency with no electricity and water supply.”


The fellow students marched in droves to the Lanka Gate (the university gate) and spent the whole night there. He further added, “When I tried to inform the Dean of the faculty about this issue, he said that he can give relaxation on attendance but the classes will run regularly and BHU can’t provide any accommodation.”

These words were echoed by a group of students from different faculties who had to endure the same situation everyday during the disaster. The students urged the university to provide them with some suitable accommodation but the university waved its hands off. With no heed being paid to their miserable condition, the students started to head towards their home.Though they got some relief that no problem will arise because of the so called ‘attendance issue’, they knew that it would hamper their studies.

A university that gets it’s funds from the Central government and is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities of the nation was unable to help it’s students and left them homeless and helpless. The principles and visions of the benevolent founder of the university, Madan Mohan Malviya were to serve the students with all possible facilities that contribute to their welfare. It was duly the responsibility of the university to accommodate it’s students until they could go back to their hostels or PGs. If accommodation was unavailable, in that case suspending classes was a better alternative because no student should have paid the cost of the flood with their hampered results.

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