Dear Boyfriend, Why Can’t I Wear What I Want?

Posted on September 1, 2016

By Preeti Singh:

I have been meaning to ask something for a long time now. I know you’re pretty intelligent and will be able to answer my questions.

My mother always told me that we were all humans and that we should always think of the other person as we think of ourselves, that we should be selective about what we offer as criticism and who we choose to criticise.

We often think of ourselves to be the best, but we don’t necessarily pit that version of ourselves against the people we love.

Sometimes you say that you love me, so at least in love, I am your equal.
Then why is it just me that you’re always questioning?

“Why is the zip on your top open?”
“Why are you wearing shorts?”
“Why did you go out with your friends?”
“Why are your friends texting you?”

Why are there so many ‘Why’s’ for me?

I never asked you why the neckline of your t-shirt was deep.
Why you were going to the market in shorts.
Or why you were going out with your friends.

For you, someone you met three months ago is a friend and for me – a stranger.
Why shouldn’t I do what you’re also doing?
Am I not human or am I not as talented as you?

I want to go outside wearing a pair of shorts and a top with a deep neckline. I want to enjoy the simple things in life, just like you do. Why then, are things trivial for you and serious for me?

We eat the same food; blood runs through me as it does for you, we have the same mental faculties. Why do you then, treat me differently?

Here’s hoping that you’ll answer my questions.

With love,
Your disappointed girlfriend