Is It True: That Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms?

Posted on September 24, 2016 in Columns, Is It True, Sex, Staff Picks

By Edwin Thomas:

“Yes, yes, yes!” she exclaimed. Another five minutes had passed and then once again, “Yes, yes, yes, YES” which was followed by even more of that ten minutes later.

This was the scene when a roommate of mine was aesthetically appreciating an adult film during my time in college. Well, it was either an adult film or just a woman who seemed to be ecstatically agreeing with someone. Oh and my roommate was a gem of a guy, he was using a soundproof headset. Little did he know that it wasn’t sound proof for the person with whom he shared the room. But that’s neither here nor there.

And no, it didn’t turn me on. Instead, I was mad, nay, furious at the world, mother nature and God (?) for not letting us all in on this secret of happiness – having multiple orgasms (cue the heavenly choir).

Think about it, a psychological feeling that can make us happy, excited, proud even, but if it isn’t done right, it can be a whiff that ends up being an utter waste of your time.

To emphasise on the former, imagine multiplying that feeling twice or even thrice in one sitting (or standing, missionary, fill in what you please). And there are TV shows, articles and even discourses surrounding women orgasming multiple times. Makes you wonder, why not men?

Well, guess what? An experimental weekend with a Tinder acquaintance suggested otherwise. With proper technique, exercise, timing and self-control, even men should be prepared to enthusiastically agree, more than once, in one go.

Having established previously that male ejaculation and orgasm are different from each other, to orgasm multiple times picks up from experiencing a particular kind of orgasm – a non-ejaculatory orgasm.

The moment you ejaculate, what happens is that a particular toxin releases into your bloodstream, following which you immediately lose your erection and you enter a refractory period of at least 30 minutes, during which no erection, no masti.

By simply withholding one’s ejaculation, it is indeed possible to have multiple orgasms – ‘simply’ being the focus keyword there. In order to successfully execute this genius technique, it takes practice and a lot of time to get there. At first, it’s as simple as clenching your pelvic muscles (the same ones that you use when you have to withhold your pee when it burns after masturbating too many times a day) a few moments before you think that you may reach the point of no return – yes, in the multi-orgasmic world, instant ejaculation is like hell.

Since all of this is a major trial-and-error experiment, if you get it right, you should be able to progressively move on from one orgasm to another, with each involuntary orgasm being of greater sexual intensity/pleasure than the other. Leave aside all the fretting and the worrying and the “Am I there yet?”; if all goes well, you could achieve up to three orgasms in thirty minutes.

Give it a try, because this is the way with which you can be in constant agreement with your partner or yourself. More agreement, more happiness. More happiness, more sex. More sex, more agreement. And that’s the adult version of Elton John’s “Circle Of Life”.