“Stop Fighting, Start Sharing”: What Karnataka And Tamil Nadu Should Do About Cauvery

Posted on September 20, 2016

By Saumy Dixit:

The dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over Cauvery river water had dominated headlines the previous week. There is an urgent need to do something which would stop the violence and also solve the problems of a century-long water sharing dispute between the two states of Union of India. This issue has two causes: firstly, the rain deficit monsoon and secondly, the politicising of the issue.

When will politics start growing up and see beyond personal profits?

The people who are spreading nuisance and creating lack of faith among the people for the Supreme Court’s judgement are the ones, who have nothing to do with the water. They are not going to change even if the water is shared or wasted. Due to violence, people lost so much, just to fight for water.

The century-long dispute still has no permanent solution to it. How can this be possible?

We need to overcome the problem and look for the solution. Both states needs water, one for irrigation and other for drinking. Water should be given to both of them prioritising drinking water. But, situations should be analysed first by an autonomous body about the exact conditions.

Interlinking of Cauvery and Godavari rivers can also be a permanent solution.

India is a country having around 4% of world’s freshwater resources yet we waste so much fresh water.

With such a resource it can be a world power. Stop fighting, start sharing.