Violence Isn’t An Answer To The Cauvery Water Row

Posted on September 13, 2016 in Society

By Divya Koman:

I was absolutely disgusted watching the news about violence in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, states of our ‘secular’ India. After the Supreme Court issued the verdict on the case, all hell broke loose in both the states.

Is this the solution to the chaos? Setting hundreds of vehicles on fire because they had a TN registration and beating people up because they had KA registration vehicles? Ever thought of the amount of sweat and blood that people would’ve put in to buy their vehicles? And how easily in the blink of an eye they lost it, because of commotion between two state governments? They are normal people like you and I. At this rate it could happen to anyone with this level of hatred infected by the people. Abusing people physically and emotionally is not going to save anybody in this case. No one has the right to ask people to leave the state or beat them mercilessly for something that isn’t in their hands. So much for secularism!

Where are we heading at this rate? An innocent man lost his life during gunfire in Bangalore. What is absolutely shocking is the amount of  hatred people are spreading on social media on both sides. How the media is repeatedly adding to the chaos by sharing videos is unbelievable! Do you realise we’re all a part of the same country? When you can’t sort an issue with peace, how can you expect peace between two different countries, when you can’t sort your issues at your own homeland? So much hatred toward your people isn’t an answer to anything. Somebody save this country!