6 Epic Take-Downs Of Hollywood Racism By Asian-American Actor Constance Wu

Posted on September 17, 2016 in Cake, Culture-Vulture, Popsicle

Clever, incisive, and terribly funny, Constance Wu is a force to be reckoned with. The Taiwanese-American actor rose to fame with her role as Jessica Huang on the ABC family show “Fresh off the Boat,” which she has noted is “the first Asian show in 20 years on network television.” Her character’s humorous, adroit observations about life as a racial minority in “the land of the free” soon became classic Jessica one-liners that no one could get enough of. But when Wu carried those same observations off-screen, she absolutely slayed:

Unpacking Overused ‘Tiger-Mom’ Stereotype About Asian Women

Source: Vulture

When The Very White Matt Damon Was Cast As A Chinese Ruler

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When Scarlett Johansson Was Cast In The Very Japanese “Ghost In The Shell”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Why Doing An Accent As Jessica Huang Was A Deliberate Choice

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On Why Diverse Casting Is Still A Problem

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Her Ultimate Comment On Diversity

Source: Bulls Eye with Jesse Thorn

Even as a person of minority status in America, Wu is very aware of her privilege. But her criticism of how race and gender operate in Hollywood is significant. It shows both producers of media, and the sizeable Asian-American population in the USA that there are those who are not afraid to call out the bullshit, and ask for better conditions.