10 Ways You Can Deal With Period Pain Without Popping Painkillers

Posted on September 27, 2016 in Health and Life, Menstruation

By Writu Bose:

It is impossible to explain what it feels like when ‘that time of the month’ strikes. It’s been more than a decade since I first started menstruating. And I still freak out just as much as I would in the initial years, for it’s such a major pain in the err… lower abdomen!

Period pain is never the same for two different women, neither is it supposed to be, because human anatomy! My mother has never had to deal with any sort of menstrual cramps back in her days, but if you find me on one of mine, you shall be so lucky to get a piece of my mind.

After a post was shared on YKA about menstrual cramps, a lot of women came forward to share similar stories, while many others raised an important question – what can we do to deal with them?

Honestly, I have been resorting to what seems like the easiest method to wither away the pain for the longest time – popping safe pills. But after reading the responses, when I started looking up for alternatives, I stumbled upon suggestions that were crazy, to say the least.

“Apply natural progesterone creams or massage with the ‘right mixture of essential oils’ to help the cramps” – Yes! I did the ‘eyerolls’ too. But let’s get real now and talk about the practical (and reasonable) things we can do to deal with the pain better.

1. Curl Up With Your Heating Pad

This is the most advised formula that arguably works the best. The warmth of the pad helps in relaxing the contracting muscles and in turn, reduces the cramps.

2. Give Ice Pack A Shot

This may not be as widely practised but it helps a great deal in narrowing the blood vessels and provides relief from the mind-numbing pain.

3. Keep Calm And Exercise

The very thought of exercising during periods may give you a bad trip. But it could turn out to be the best thing you’re doing to yourself. Certain forms of exercises (like aerobics) get your heart beat pumping and increase the blood circulation which in turn can really help get rid of the menstrual discomfort. On the other hand, practising yoga could work as an excellent stress-reducing factor during periods.

4. Try Period Sex

First, it’s not gross. Second, it is more effective than you think it is. Orgasms release oxytocin, dopamine among other endorphins that can really help lessen the pain.

5. Bad News For Coffee Lovers!

Consuming coffee may not be the best idea for your period ache for it arguably constricts blood flow contributing to the misery. Instead, drink lots of water and any herbal tea you fancy as it helps in reducing the amount of pain.

6. Get High On Magnesium And Calcium

Our body requires Magnesium and Calcium throughout the month alright, but more so during periods as they help in muscle relaxation. Supplement yourself with a good amount of these nutrients through pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashew nuts, oranges, raisins, apricots, dates, tomatoes, potatoes or pills – whichever you prefer and you will be winning against cramps!

7. What’s Better Than Sleeping?

This may be a low-profile solution. But that’s because it is underrated. The right amount of sleeping can for real, take away the pain by getting you all relaxed and destressed. Also, at times nothing feels better than just holding on to the heating pad against your tummy, rolling and cribbing to sleep.

8. Indulge In Ginger-Cinnamon Infused Drinks

It can be in the form of tea or just infused in water – both help equally, when down with ache. Even if it cannot completely nip the pain in the bud, downing these home-remedial drinks can definitely be something that you’d want to rely upon.

9. Try Acupuncture And Needle Away The Pain

Studies prove that getting the acupuncture points right can help reducing the pain just as much as any anti-inflammatory medicine by calming your muscular contractions.

10. Healthy Diet For The Win

It is important to be aware of what you eat and drink (or not) when on periods. Strategise your diet in a way that you eat enough whole wheat, vegetables, fruits, legumes for they can make life on periods much easier by balancing the extra estrogen in your system that causes the pain.


Image source: The India Today Group/ Getty Images