In Photos: Introduction To Delhi

Posted on September 6, 2016

By Vikash Sharma:

Introduction to Delhi

In the era of inflated growth and high GDP rates, is it possible for the majority of us to even have two decent meals a day or to cherish the presence of a shelter above our heads?

photo story. introduction to delhi. 1.

India Gate! It is a symbol of national pride. It is the story of a war that killed millions of innocent soldiers. They died in the name of the nation, perhaps even without having a chance to live for it, or without knowing whose war it was.

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From across the world, travellers visit and click selfies to keep memories. Many of these photos will perhaps adorn the walls of their homes, just the way the walls of this war memorial are decorated with the names of the soldiers! At 45 Degrees, there is a constant struggle going on : while the attendant soldiers guard the memorial flame, many local vendors await customers, with the hope of earning a few pennies. Is the war really over? Is it possible to end the war against hunger – a war that compels many to die each day inside our nation!

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The empathy of a tree: does the tree alone know where ‘Bharat Mata exists’?

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It’s a busy day in the heart of the city, in the distance, is the epic power house symbolising the nation’s sovereignty, from where all orders flow.

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In this modern era, machines are replacing humans everywhere. This is thought of as an indicator of human development. Ironically, unlike the world that is said to become smaller with technology, the huge distance between the road and traveller seems to be only expanding. While a tired traveller rests on the footpath, the road becomes his only ’empathiser’ in the metropolitan landscape.

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History is always alive. And monuments represent the history of a nation. More than just being ancient constructions they are the symbols of the glory and wounds; war and victory; power and prosperity of the nation. These monuments must be saying that nothing much has changed – we fought then and we are at war now. Observe the flying bird, truly flying high. Transcending war and peace, fear and freedom the only thing it knows is the ecstasy of life. This is her freedom. A moment of resistance against the mighty power that only makes us even more fearful of the open skies.

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History is not just about facts and figures but it is rather the unfolding story of a civilisation. As a mother and child walk the path once walked on by the emperors of the past they enliven history and connect us to a sense of a continuous flow that grows with each passing story. introduction to delhi. 9