A Quick Look At DU Election Candidates To Help You Make An Informed Decision

Posted on September 8, 2016 in Campus Politics, Delhi University

Elections in Delhi University are analogous to Game of Thrones with few major houses (parties), fighting tooth and nail for the Iron Throne (DUSU leadership). Even if stakes are lower, desire to dominate the halls of power and the ambition burning in the eyes of candidates is quite similar. The only difference between GoT and DUSU elections is that the people of the realm get to decide who sits on the throne. This makes the job of voters very crucial as they are giving these candidates a wild card entry into national and regional politics. Amid the chaos and confusion, making an informed choice becomes a herculean task – which is why here is a list to give you a chance to know your candidates better.

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)

ABVP is a student organisation affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, and has been winning the DUSU elections for the past two years consecutively. ABVP’s has promised to fight for numerous issues in order to make student life easier. Some of their key promises include printed mark sheets for all the students, health cards, and improved infrastructure, fully AC 24×7 reading room in both north and south campus, better implementation of the Room Rent Control Act and WiFi facilities.

The party’s presidential candidate Amit Tanwar, is a graduate from PGDAV and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Hindi from the same college. Priyanka Chhawri, candidate for the post of Vice President, is a student of Laxmi Bai College and has also been assigned the role of ABVP’s National Executive Member. Ankit, a student of Delhi University and an active participant of the various movements and protests conducted by ABVP is their candidate for the post of Secretary, while Vishal Yadav, a graduate from Atma Ram Sanatan Dharm College.

These Ballot numbers might be useful, if ABVP is the party you are planning to vote for:

President: Amit Tanwar (Ballot No.1)
Vice President: Priyanka Chabri (Ballot No.4)
Secretary: Ankit Singh Sangwan (Ballot No.2)
Joint Secretary: Vishal Yadav (Ballot No.3)

Source: ABVP/Facebook
Source: ABVP/Facebook

National Student’s Union of India (NSUI)

The student wing of the Indian National Congress, has been losing at the battlefield consecutively for the past two elections. Just like last year, NSUI has promised to provide students with affordable accommodation. They plan to launch a website that provides information about safe, secure and inexpensive Paying Guest facilities around Delhi University campuses so that it will be easier for students to look for staying options. NSUI’s plan of action also includes measures to make DU safe for girls by installing CCTV cameras, deploying women constable outside colleges and setting up committees against sexual harassment in all colleges. This year, the party’s list of candidates include Nikhil Yadav, a student at Faculty of Law for President, Arjun Chaprana for Vice President, Vinita Dhaka for Secretary and Mohit Garid for Joint Secretary. Apart from Nikhil, all three candidates are first year students at Delhi University.

Here’s what you need to remember if you are going to vote for NSUI:

President: Nikhil Yadav (Ballot No.5)
Vice President: Arjun Chaprana (Ballot No.2)
Secretary: Vinita Dhaka (Ballot No.3)
Joint Secretary: Mohit Garid (Ballot No.2)

Source: NSUI/Facebook
Source: NSUI/Facebook

All India Student Association (AISA)

AISA is the student wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Liberation. In a passionate speech by Kawalpreet Kaur, presidential candidate for AISA, she reiterated AISA’s slogan “Lado padhai karne ko, padho samajh badalne ko” (Fight to study, study to change the society). She also talked about numerous problems faced by the student community at large. AISA plans to solve those problems by fighting for more DTC buses, better infrastructure, active grievance committee and committees on sexual harassment. They also plan to further its movement ‘A room of my own’, to ensure hostels for all the outstation students. AISA is the only party with three women candidates this year – Kawalpreet Kaur, a Faculty of Law student, for President; Amrita Queen, student of MA in History at Sri Venkateswara College, for Vice President; and Ankita Nirmal, student of Ram Lal Anand for Joint Secretary. Amish Anjul Verma, a student of MA in History is the party’s candidate for the post of Secretary.

Here are the ballot numbers which might come handy if you are planning to vote for AISA:

President: Kawalpreet Kaur (Ballot No.3)
Vice President: Amrita Queen (Ballot No.1)
Secretary: Amish Anjul Verma (Ballot No.1)
Joint Secretary: Ankita Nirmal (Ballot No.1)

Posted by Kazim Irfani/Facebook
Posted by Kazim Irfani/Facebook

The election dynamics change every year – and this time there are only three major contenders in the race. The election advisory committee has also decided to give voters an option of NOTA or None of the Above for the first time which can prove to be useful for people who feel disillusioned by student politics.

Featured image source: Sushil Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images