When It Comes To Education, Here’s How Our Society Fails Both Boys And Girls

Posted on September 12, 2016

By Nandani Singh:

Is there really a society that works for us or for our benefit?

I think we all know the answer. If someone succeeds in the conventional manner, only then will that person be called a ‘hardworker’ otherwise they are termed all sorts of things. But that’s because they haven’t succeeded within that period of time. Everybody around us will point out each and everything whether it is relevant to that or not.

If a man can get into a prestigious institution then he is lauded for his achievements regardless of having a questionable character. On the other hand, if he does not get a good score in his subject, regardless of his character, everyone treats him like a criminal. This seems to be a common mentality.

And it becomes more pointless in the case of a girl. First of all, there are are many that still think that girls don’t have the right to education even though they see how girls are chasing their dreams and achieving success. Is this society only for men?

This is happening in real time. Although girls are getting education and jobs, restrictions are always placed on them. Their parents are always afraid that something bad may happen to their child so they always place some restrictions. Although it’s highly problematic, it can be considered reasonable from their point of view because it does seem as though the world and the people in it don’t behave the same way towards girls and boys. I cant say that education will improve their mentality but it should be of some help.

How can we allow our society to treat boys and girls unequally? A pretty popular sight in our homes is that when our mothers and sisters seem to be more restricted than our fathers and brothers. Why it is so?

For one, should we really care about an unequal society? Or can we develop a new society which is equal for both men and women, literate and illiterate, rural and urban?

Change is hard but if we make up our minds to change the world, I think we can change the world. And we should start with ourselves.