This Event Promises To Change The Way You Think About Gender And Sexuality

Posted on September 21, 2016 in Specials

By Bhavya Taneja:

We all understand what gender, sexuality and development are. But do we understand what the words mean in a single sentence? Gender and sexuality undoubtedly present a polarity with development. What is development, if it is not about the progress of every person? If every segment of the population does not support it? If it has not arisen out of every type of voice?

We live in a society with changing ideas about gender and sexuality. The way other identities such as race, class, and ethnicity function in the field of gender and sexuality, require a particular approach to the issue. Gender and sexuality have become the norms which are very familiar to everyone. Their similarities, dissimilarities, connections and contradictions are still unknown to many.

MASH Project, a youth-led non-profit organisation, will host its 22nd MASH Mixer on the theme of ‘Gender & Sexuality’ on Friday, September 23, 2016, at Innov8, Connaught Place with the line-up of eminent speakers from organisations like CREA, Nazariya, Sahas, Haiyya, Hidden Pocket and much more.

The event, with an informal setup, will focus on not only the key speakers but give the same pedestal and spotlight to everyone, including the people attending the event. MASH Project has made it a point to encourage personal interaction instead of one-way communication. One-sided dialogue is a regular occurrence in events where knowledge and expertise are sought to be imparted. Even though, it seldom gets transmitted. Mixer ensures that the fun side of work is kept afloat for even the professionals steering the crowd.

It’ll be an event where several questions will be discussed, ranging from whether sexuality and gender are the terms which define a person, to whether our society can exist by eliminating gender. This event will help you not only with your doubts, but will also broaden your horizons and help you form a new idea about both gender and sexuality.

MASH Project’s engaging event will surely make you ponder upon and raise your inquisitiveness about both gender and sexuality.


Image Source: Wikipedia