Factors That Affect Sexual Health

Posted on September 3, 2016

By The Health Instructions:

Many people shy away from discussing sexual health. However, it is a part of life that we cannot just ignore. It would be illogical to claim that our sexuality does not encounter ‘health’ problems. Medical surveys show that people discuss these problems only when they experience them.

Sexuality is one of the core features of intimate romantic relationships and so is sexual health. Where there are love and desire, sexual intimacy is only expected to blossom. One feels a sense of well-being and wholesomeness while maintaining a healthy sex life. But sexual disorders can reduce these activities for which one should take care and be aware of the factors.

Factors Affecting Sexual Health


The brain triggers and regulates sexual desires and therefore is at the core of ‘sexuality fitness’. Stress and depression, on the other hand, reduce sexual activities and it is, therefore advisable to stay free of stress. Since the brain controls sexuality, any form of anxiety is detrimental to sexual health.

Sexually transmitted infections and diseases

STDs and STIs infect and affect the way sex organs behave. Diseases and infections reduce the activities of the infected organs, if not of the whole body. Infections that affect the genitals mostly result in sores and wounds around the sexual organs. For men, the sexual desire and activity reduce largely, especially if the sores are painful. For women, the infections are mostly internal but they affect their sexual life.

It is always advised to go for regular STD and STI tests to make sure of your health. When you are infected, the bad odour that accompanies is sure to affect your social well-being as well.

Fear and anxiety

For young adults, this is the main factor that affects sexual health. The fear of unplanned pregnancies and contracting sexual diseases reduces sexual desires for both men and women. Some of them end up using illegal pregnancy pills that reduce their sexual activity.