4 Simple Things About Menstruation You Need To Know

Posted on September 16, 2016

By Devika Sachaphimukh:

Menstruation is a topic that is used to pull down women. Our country has many stereotypes regarding this process. Some of them are: a women is not allowed to enter a temple, stand near a tulsi plant, enter the kitchen or take pickle from the jar. Now here are some actual facts about menstruation .

1. Menstruation is a natural process: It’s nothing to be spooked by.
2. Every women gets it – it is not a disease , neither is it a curse. Most women have got it in the past and can get it in the future.
3. Bleeding is not wrong: – If a women is bleeding normally how can she even be considered separated or outcast?
4. It is necessary for birth: Well if a women didn’t menstruate regularly, they couldn’t give birth  and you would not have been born. Just think about that.

After reading this four simple facts about menstruation, you might’ve realised that menstruating is a simple normal process. So, please do not use this topic to make women feel inferior than men.